Seminar and training week in Ghana for Administration members

  • 1/3
    Seminar members in discussion with Financial Controlling Ms Heidrun Baum
  • 2/3
    Chief Accountant Kenneth Amoah is training Accountants
  • 3/3
    Chief Administrator District Evangelist Lothar Heim in a meeting with Shepherd Cole and Priest Nyandemoh (Sierra Leone) Apostle Leno (Guinea) and District Elder Lerroux (Ivory Coast)

From October 23rd to 27th in Central Administration Office for the District Churches in West Africa in Accra, Ghana the annual Seminar and Training week took place. Invited were the Regional Supervisors, Country Administrators and Accountants.

Together with Chief Administrator from Southern Germany, District Evangelist Lothar Heim, and his Advisors important contents in Building issues, Accounting items, IT-handlings are trained. Parallel a lot of team meeting took place. Members changed experiences and discussed about best practice.

Chief Administrator repeats the main goals which are necessary to reach to support the Apostles, Bishops, and voluntary ministers as well as Church Districts and Congregation in their pastoral tasks.

He informed Administration about conclusions made in the Africa-Conference in October 2017 in Stuttgart/Southern Germany with District Apostle, Lead-Apostles and Seminar team.

Chief Accountant Kenneth Amoah trained Accountants in booking system of NAC.