From Left: Sister Stephanie, Deacon Timothy and Sister Ellen singing some NAC melodies
3 August 2023

It is common knowledge in Ghana for many churches to establish congregations on the various campuses of tertiary institutions in the country. These congregations cater for the spiritual and social needs of members who enroll for further studies in these universities. Likewise, the New Apostolic Church (Accra Apostle Area) established a congregation at the University of Education, Winneba (UEW) campus two years ago. And on Thursday 20th July, 2023, the members of the UEW began a weekend of activities celebrating the 2nd anniversary of the congregation.

Members of the congregation held a brief ceremony on the University Campus on Thursday to launch the event. On Friday, 21st July, 2023, the congregants undertook an evangelism trip to all the halls of the university, bringing the New Apostolic doctrine to their fellow students in the university. The following day, Saturday July 22, Apostle Charles Asare delivered a series of lectures to equip members in their life of faith.

Topics treated included, ‘The Role of Formal Education in the Development of the New Apostolic Church in Ghana’ , ‘Youth Care’, ‘The Way of Salvation in Jesus Christ’ and the ‘Concept of Ministry’.

The Apostle underscored the importance of formal education in the life of members. This he stated, provides many with the skills and knowledge to aid in the teaching of Sunday School, Confirmation classes, development of ministers, seminar tutors and youth leaders. He entreated members to seize every available opportunity to enrich their knowledge in their desired field of profession. He, however, cautioned against pursuit of education without consideration for our life of faith.

During the session dubbed ‘Time with Apostle’, Apostle Asare provided an exposition on Youth care, the Way of Salvation in Jesus Christ, the Church’s Concept of Ministry including Women Ministry, decision-making processes, and other general concerns of the church.

Concluding his lectures, the Apostle entreated members to fully participate in the development of the church and also lend their support in:

  • Establishing congregations in all universities in the country;
  • Establishing New Apostolic themed youth fellowships in senior high Schools;
  • Regularly visiting the church website – to update their doctrinal knowledge, download useful materials as well as share the links to our website stories with others as a means of introducing them to our teachings and activities.
  • Actively participating in Church gatherings and assumption of leadership roles where need be.