A group of Sunday school children with Apostle
7 August 2023

Apostle Richard Senyo Osei conducted a special interactive service for Sunday School Children on Saturday 22nd July 2023 at Ho Central congregation. The service brought a great number of children together to prepare them for the upcoming Children’s Day celebration.

The Apostle based teachings on Luke 12:27 “Consider the lilies, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin; and yet I say to you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of them”.

Quoting Jesus’ words, “Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these”, the Apostle began his service by emphasizing to adults and parents present that “Children are not for us but rather they are gifts from God to us”.

With a pictorial presentation, Apostle Akubia showed the Sunday School children what lilies are and invited the children to describe what they saw about the lily flower as shown to them. The responses of the children were varied and interesting: Some described lilies as beautiful and colourful in nature, while others said lilies attract birds, insects, animals and even humans.

Bringing these responses together, the Apostle encouraged the children to be like lilies. He likened the buds of lilies to their flesh and bodies, and the fully blossomed lily flower to the Spirit of God in them.

The Apostle illustrated to the children that, just as the lily flower is first hidden in their buds, so it is with the Spirit of God that has been implanted into them and is hidden in them. He added that just as the lily plant is watered and cared for by its gardeners, it is the same with the Spirit of God implanted in them through Holy Baptism and Holy Sealing. For the Spirit to blossom and grow into the likeness of God, they need to attend Sunday school, listen to the word of God, and live according to the teachings given them.

The Apostle made the children comprehend that the food to transform the soul to be Christ-like is the Holy Communion and it is required of them to be partakers the Holy sacrament. He encouraged the children to love, sacrifice, and also forgive one another.

Apostle Osei concluded his service by inspiring the Sunday school children to give offerings. He said, “Offering to God is a way of showing appreciation and God will bless you all”.

He also specially congratulated the Sunday school teachers for their work in the Lord’s vineyard.

Apostle Senyo Osei was assisted by District Evangelist William Parku.