27 October 2023

On Sunday October 15, 2023, Sunday School children in our congregation at Aflao (Volta South Apostle Area) celebrated their annual Children's Day.  Children from Avalavi and Atiteti Congregations were invited to event. The theme for the celebration was: 'Grow in the faith - Isaiah 45:3’. One hundred and twenty one people attended the event.

The children undertook a series of activities including:

  • Poetry recital on the History and ministerial structure, vision and mission of the New Apostolic Church;
  • Choral music;
  • Bible Quiz;
  • Drama;
  • Choreography; and
  • Cultural display.

Addressing the gathering, Priest Jean Gbegnon emphasized the need for both adults and children to grow and develop in the Apostles’ doctrine. He entreated parents and guardians to train their children and wards in the ways of the Lord, treat them with love and instill the fear of God in them. Priest Gbegnon further advised the children to be obedient to their parents and follow the teachings in the Sunday school so as to grow in the nature of Jesus Christ.