Relief items for the flood victims in the Battor district
6 November 2023

Some communities in three Districts (North Tongu, Central Tongu and South Tongu) in the Volta region of Ghana were completely submerged by flood waters owing to the spillage of the Akosombo Dam. Residents in the affected areas lost their homes, livestock, farms, businesses and other properties to the floods. At least 88% of the inhabitants were affected.

The Battor District (Volta South Apostle Area) falls within the affected area.  Members of the New Apostolic church in the affected communities were not spared. Places of worship and households were completely submerged. About 78 households of members were severely affected by the flood.

On October, 22, 2023, Apostle Anthony Kuada visited the flood victims at Agbetikpo in the Battor district where he officiated a divine service. He was accompanied by Apostle Richard Senyo Osei (Volta Central Apostle Area). About 201 members participated in the service. The members could not hide their joy of the Apostles’ visit in this difficult time to provide them with the needed strength.

The divine service was based on a bible word from John 5:39, ‘You search the Scriptures, for in them you think you have eternal life: and these are they which testify of me.’

Apostle Kuada in his opening remarks commiserated with members on the devastation visited upon them by the floods. He encouraged members to remain strong in their faith in the face of their predicament. He assured them of God’s protection and support in these hard times.

Elaborating on the bible word, the Apostle underscored the need for members to study the scriptures. He mentioned that peace, comfort, strengthening of faith and the evidence and assurance of God’s love for His people are some benefits of bible reading and studies. The Apostle further stated that, the New Testament for example teaches us that salvation can be obtained through faith in Jesus Christ. “It speaks of the suffering of Jesus Christ, a testament of God’s love for mankind. This is to offer us salvation. The Son took the form of man to achieve this purpose” he averred.

“The Apostles are entrusted with the task to interpret unto us the biblical writings. This increases our faith. It shows us that which we must do to attain salvation. Let us search the scriptures and also avail ourselves for the right interpretations thereby reaping the full benefits therefrom” concluded the Apostle.

Apostle Richard Osei, District Rector Thomas Affun and Community Evangelist Selorm Kudzewlor supported the service.

Relief items for flood victims
Apostle Kuada on the the occasion of his visit presented relief items to the displaced Church members and the community. These include clothing, footwear, bedsheets, and other consumables. These items were donated by members in the Apostle Area to support the affected brethren.

These items were handed over to the Assembly Member for the area for distribution to the community members. He expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the Church for the kind gesture. He assured the Apostle and his team of a fair and equitable distribution to the benefit of all.