A Celebratory Walk, a Choral Evening and a Nostalgic Night

  • 1/15
    The walk through the streets of East Legon
  • 2/15
    The Sunday School were involved in the celebrations
  • 3/15
    Lead Apostle Ohene-Saffo, supported by District Elder Adjei, joined the members to address the gathering after the walk
  • 4/15
    Lead Apostle Ohene-Saffo with some ministers and members
  • 5/15
    The Accra Orchestra in performance at the choral evening
  • 6/15
    The Accra West Mass choir conducted by Deacon Cosmos Gyimah
  • 7/15
    The Kasoa district choir were guest performers on the day
  • 8/15
    Sister Carol and brother John performed Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring
  • 9/15
    The Madina choir performed some specially selected anthems on the night
  • 10/15
    A scene from the documentary: Apostle I.N. Kankam (3rd right, squatting), then a Shepherd, with the Osu congregation in the 1970s with a young Apostle Kotei (far left) and Sister Angelina (3rd right, standing)
  • 11/15
    Another scene of the pioneers of the Church in Accra: District Elder Boateng (left, rtd.), Apostle JB Kankam (3rd left, departed), Bishop Asenso (4th left, departed) District Elder Owusu Ansah (5th left, rtd.), Apostle IN Kankam (middle, departed) District Elder JB Kankam Jr. (3rd right, departed), Apostle Peregrino Kotei (far right, rtd.)
  • 12/15
    Sister Angelina, wife of departed Apostle I.N. Kankam, was appreciated for all her dedication and sacrifice over the years with her husband
  • 13/15
    Sister Justina, wife of departed Bishop Asenso was also honoured. Bishop Asenso at a point served both Accra and Cape Coast. He died on his way to conduct a divine service.
  • 14/15
    Bishop Ampadu (rtd.), Sister Angelina Kankam, Sister Justina Asenso and Lead Apostle Ohene-Saffo cut the 50th anniversary cake to commemorate the occasion
  • 15/15
    A joyous crowd celebrates the occasion as Lead Apostle Ohene-Saffo and Sister Angelina leave the auditorium

A morning walk to rekindle the spirit of vineyard work, an orchestral performance by the Accra orchestra as of old during the advent season, a choral performance by members of the Accra United choir and a video documentary reminiscing the efforts and sacrifices of the forebears of the church in Accra over the past 50 years. 21st December 2019 marked the penultimate day of celebrations for the Accra East and West members, with guest performances by the Kasoa district.

A Vineyard Walk Through the ‘Apostle City’

Affectionately called ‘Apostle City’ by the departed Apostle I.N. Kankam, (because he lived in that suburb), members of the Accra East and West districts embarked on an evangelical walk through the streets of East Legon. Interestingly since that declaration, 2 more Apostles now also live within that same enclave.

The walk began and ended at the premises of the East Legon congregation church, with some aerobics and prayer session led by the various Accra East congregational rectors.

A Choral Evening

Later in the evening at the premises of the Central Church congregation, members were treated to a delightful sharing of talents and gifts by brothers and sisters of the Accra Area Orchestra, Accra West and Kasoa district choirs.

They performed exciting variations of hymns and anthems in English, Akan and Ewe languages. There was also a fine instrumental duet performance of J.S Bach’s Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring; by two young members to loud applause by the audience.

Re-Echoing the Past
In honour of the sacrifices and dedication of the forebears for the New Apostolic faith in the Accra Apostle Area, a documentary telling some of the happenings during the formative years of the church in Accra was shown.

The video documentary, produced by the Accra Working Area Youth, captured the memories, emotions and experiences of some pioneers of the faith who were witnesses of events in Accra from 1970 to the mid-1980s.

Gone, but not forgotten, we salute the torch bearers of the New Apostolic Church in Ghana!

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