Built on Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge

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    Apostle Ohene-Saffo (left) at the altar with District Elder Boadu
  • 2/19
    The couple, Deacon Addo and Sister Gifty during the opening hymn
  • 3/19
    The choir singing an anthem
  • 4/19
    A section of ministers and congregation during the divine service
  • 5/19
    Bishop Asare preparing to serve
  • 6/19
    Some district ministers at the altar
  • 7/19
    A section of the family of the couple at the divine service
  • 8/19
    Some members of the Kasoa congregation
  • 9/19
    Members of the East Legon congregation were there in full support
  • 10/19
    Accra East choir master, Shepherd Okyere, was there
  • 11/19
    Deacon Addo placing the ring on his bride
  • 12/19
    Apostle Ohene-Saffo blessing the couple
  • 13/19
    The couple enjoying a moment after their blessing
  • 14/19
    The couple with the Apostle, Bishop and District ministers
  • 15/19
    Mr. and Mrs. Addo with their parents and guardians
  • 16/19
    The couple with members of the Accra District youth choir
  • 17/19
    Members of the combined choir pose with the couple
  • 18/19
    “We are off the market”
  • 19/19
    Mr. and Mrs. Addo taking their first dance into ‘happily ever after’

It was a sunny afternoon of love and colour on the 15th December 2018 as the Kasoa congregation witnessed the wedding blessing of their sister, Gifty Essuman, and Deacon George Addo by the Accra Area Apostle, Benjamin Ohene-Saffo. He was accompanied by Bishop Asare, District Elder Kwame Boadu as well as other district ministers from Kasoa, Accra East and Accra West.

The wedding blessing was based on the text word Proverbs 24:3-4 (NKJV), ‘Through wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; By knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.’

“My beloved brothers and sisters, today is the day the Lord has made for you and I that we should meet and give the Lord’s blessing onto George and Gifty. As children of the Father, everything that we do must be built on solid rock.” The Apostle said as he began the service.


“Brethren, the rock on which we can build is the Word which the Lord Jesus Christ left for you and I. If only we can follow these Words and be able to go according to these principles, then surely we are building our lives on the Rock; the storms will surely come, the winds will blow, but your marriage will always stand. It does not matter what may be happening, you will have a solid rock on which you stand.”

The Apostle further advised the couple to build their marriage on the three key themes in the text word:
- Wisdom – allow the fear of the Lord through the guidance of the Word in their marriage
- Understanding – establish their home by accepting and living above their differences and backgrounds
- Knowledge – make use of the experience and maturity acquired through wisdom and understanding over the years in their marriage

Apostle Ohene-Saffo was supported by Bishop Asare. There were over 250 members and guests to witness the occasion.

Deacon George Addo is a Deacon at the East Legon congregation (Accra East) and also bass member of both the Accra United Choir and Accra District Youth Choir. Sister Gifty is a member and chorister of the Kasoa congregation and also the daughter of the retired district elder (Kasoa District).

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