Choirmasters Seminar at Kumasi

  • 1/6
    Apostle Otchere thanking District Elder Oehler for the gift of Melodicas
  • 2/6
    District Elder Oehler taking the choirmasters through 4/4 time
  • 3/6
    Group work
  • 4/6
    District Elder Oehler playing the organ together with an organist
  • 5/6
    Choirmasters displaying their gift Melodicas
  • 6/6
    Time to say goodbye

On Friday the 14th of July 2018, District Elder Oehler from Germany conducted a two-day seminar for selected choirmasters from all over Ghana in Kumasi.

The topics discussed touched on the Technical Areas of Choirmastership which included:
- training of new choirmasters
- building of new choir and
- conducting and proper management of the choir.
There was also group discussions and practical works for all participants which brought joy and excitement.
It was a great experience for all select choirmasters to participate in the two days which broadened their scope of knowledge in all aspect that was discussed.  Participants were 50

The climax of the seminar was when District Elder Orhler gave each of the 13 Apostle areas a MELODICA to use in their practical work in the various working areas.

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