Christ is born!

  • 1/17
    A young brother, Nana Kofi, performing the curtain raiser
  • 2/17
    Little Sister Dzifa was the MC for the occasion
  • 3/17
    The Sunday school choir singing the opening hymn led by the choirmaster
  • 4/17
    Brother Michael reading the first lesson
  • 5/17
    The little sister Enyonam conducting the choir to the joy of members
  • 6/17
    Little brother John, playing the organ along with the choir
  • 7/17
    Sister Belinda reading a lesson
  • 8/17
    A performance by the choir
  • 9/17
    Young Sister Selikem reading a lesson
  • 10/17
    The Children’s choir singing ‘Joy bells ringing’
  • 11/17
    Members listening to a rendition by the choir
  • 12/17
    Sister Agnes reading a lesson
  • 13/17
    Members watching from the outer sitting area of the church
  • 14/17
    A Sunday School parent, Priest Akpabli, reading a lesson
  • 15/17
    Sunday school teacher, Sister Christina
  • 16/17
    Former Sunday school teacher, Sister Beatrice, reading a lesson
  • 17/17
    Shepherd Jones Kyere delivering his Christmas message

The Children’s Choir of the Madina Sunday school, together with the Madina congregation and ministers celebrated their first ever Christmas Nine Lessons and Carols, led and performed by the Sunday School. This occurred on December 25th 2018 with a gathering of 290 brothers and sisters in attendance. The Children’s Choir comprised 20 children and two organists from the Sunday School.

The program was put together by the Sunday School teachers to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and also to exhibit the talents in the Sunday school. It began with a piano performance by a young organist as the curtain raiser and followed by a processional hymn ‘Jingle bells’ to usher in the choir. The MC, also from Sunday school, introduced the program line up which constituted 9 bible readings and musical renditions.  The performances of the choir were to the astonishment and joy of the audience.

As a special Christmas message to the members, the Rector of the Madina Congregation, Shepherd Jones Kyere expressed his joy at the awesome performance put up by the children. In his words he said, “Let us continue to give the children our support, love and care”. He therefore thanked the teachers for their selfless work throughout the year, and also expressed gratitude to the entire congregation for all the support.

Finally, he encouraged the members not to forget about the essence of the birth of Jesus Christ, but rather make it meaningful in their daily lives because of the love of God for all.

He wished all Merry Christmas and a blessed new year!

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