Festive Days in Ghana

  • 1/6
    Carol night at the Accra Central Church
  • 2/6
    Divine Service at the Central Church
  • 3/6
    Reading of Bible Passage at Nsoatre
  • 4/6
    The Choir at Nsoatre
  • 5/6
    Adult women at Nsoatre
  • 6/6
    Visit to the Centenarian

Many Christmas activities were organized in the various congregations in the country to usher in Christmas. Divine services were held in all congregations throughout the country to mark the birth of Jesus Christ.

In Accra, Apostle Afutu Kotei conducted a festive divine service at the Accra Central Church where he ordained nine Priests and nine Deacons. After the divine service many gifts were presented to the aged, the widows and the needy of the congregation.

At Nsoatre, the Christmas Divine Service was conducted by Apostle Samuel Oppong-Brenya. The Apostle took time to visit the aged, including the mother of the District Elder, who is over one hundred years old. Despite her advance age her memory is intact and could celebrate Holy Communion with the Ministers and family members.