Follow the Lord with Sincerity

  • 1/17
    Sunday school children welcoming the Lead Apostle
  • 2/17
    Sunday School Children in traditional clothing
  • 3/17
    District Ministers greeting Lead Apostle and Apostles
  • 4/17
    Lead Apostle (left) preparing to serve with District Elder Asong as interpreter
  • 5/17
    Apostle Anthony Kofi Kuada at the altar
  • 6/17
    Apostle Richard Senyo Osei at the altar
  • 7/17
    Apostle Timothy Akubia at the altar
  • 8/17
    Retired Apostles Wilson Dzattah (left) and Benjamin Pidah were in attendance
  • 9/17
    Members under tent outside the chapel
  • 10/17
    Retired Shepherd Austin Agudu
  • 11/17
    Ordination of a Community Evangelist
  • 12/17
    Lead Apostle blessing the marriage of Brother Isaac Ashiabi and Sister Mavis Dzakpasu
  • 13/17
    Lead Apostle interacting with Sunday school Children with Apostle Akubia as interprete
  • 14/17
    Members after Divine Service with the 50th anniversary logo in the background
  • 15/17
    District Ministers listening to Lead Apostle
  • 16/17
    Group work on “How can we attract our confirmands after their confirmation for them to remain in the church.”
  • 17/17
    Lead Apostle and Apostles with District Ministers

On 3rd February 2019, Lead Apostle Samuel Oppong-Brenya visited the congregation of Ho-Central. The congregation awaited his visit with great excitement and anticipation, as it would be the first service after Chief Apostle’s visit to Ghana as well as a privileged first-look at the newly ordained Apostles. The members also witnessed the acts of retirement, ordination and marriage blessing.  Apostles Timothy Akubia, Richard Osei and Anthony Kofi Kuada accompanied the Lead Apostle.

The text word for the service was taken from John 12:26 (NKJV), “if anyone serves me, let him follow me; and where I am there my servant will be also. If anyone serves me, him my father will honour.”

In his sermon, he said the Almighty God is the same always and we should let the Holy Spirit be our guide. Just as the five fingers, everyone has an important role to play in the growth of the church, be it the organist, choir master, choristers, those that clean our churches or members and the ministers.
The Lead Apostle urged that the Lord is calling us all, whether rich or poor, healthy or the sick, to come and serve one another because each cannot do without the other. We are all very important in the house of the Lord.  

In his conclusion, he encouraged the congregation that it is only in the House of God that we receive blessings, forgiveness of sin and Holy Communion. He urged all to partake in divine services to be wealthy in preparedness on the day of the Lord.

Apostles Kuada, Osei and Akubia assisted in the service. One Shepherd was placed into retirement. A new Shepherd and one Community Evangelist were ordained. Brother Isaac Ashiabi and Sister Mavis Dzakpasu also received their marriage blessing. 831 participated in this festive divine service.
On Saturday 2nd February, the Lead Apostle held a meeting for District Ministers from Volta Central and South Apostle areas. Discussions at the meeting were on church statistics for the year 2017 and a group work on ‘How can we attract our confirmands after their confirmation for them to remain in the church.’ 

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