Hearing and Seeing God

  • 1/11
    Apostle Timothy Akubia at altar
  • 2/11
    Priest Confidence Kpataku at the altar
  • 3/11
    Section of the youths singing the opening hymn
  • 4/11
    Apostle Area Youth Leader Shepherd Solomon Gottah, briefing the youths on his Düsseldorf experience
  • 5/11
    Youths enjoying scenes from IYC 2019. Düsseldorf, Germany
  • 6/11
    Rich in indoor games: table tennis
  • 7/11
    Rich in indoor games: draft
  • 8/11
    Rich in indoor games: ludo
  • 9/11
    A youth asking Apostle Akubia a question on prayer
  • 10/11
    Apostle Akubia(in shade) with the youths present
  • 11/11
    Some youths during departure time

On Saturday 19th October, 2019, Apostle Timothy Akubia held a Divine service for the youth in the Hohoe district of Volta North Apostle Area at the Hohoe chapel. This is part of the mini youth day celebrations on-going in the Apostle working area.

The text word was taken from Job 42:5 “I have heard of You by the hearing of the ear, but now my eye sees You.”

The Apostle in his sermon revealed that, it is the desire of all Christians to see God after physical death. “Job has seen God with his eyes, through the things God allowed him to experience on earth” said Apostle Akubia. “Hence we must also be able to see God through our experience with the living Apostles, the Holy Communion and our neighbour.”


Apostle Akubia was assisted by Shepherd Solomon Gottah and Priest Confidence Kpatapa.

Prior to the youth divine service held in the afternoon, there were a series of other activities:
* Apostle Timothy Akubia gave a talk on Effective ways of Praying to God Almighty
* The Volta North Apostle Area Youth Leader, Shepherd Solomon Gottah, gave a vivid account of his participation at the 2019 International Youth Convection held at Düsseldorf, Germany. It was all joy as he narrated the events chronologically along with videos and pictures.
* The youth enjoyed some indoor games like table tennis, draft and ludo.

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