Maiden Meeting of National Heads of Seminar in Accra: Day 2

  • 1/17
    Singing was part of the seminar. Everyone participated.
  • 2/17
    Apostle Braima Saffa, the music conductor for the moment
  • 3/17
    Apostle Alexander Wreh, leader of group 2 delivering the mourmel
  • 4/17
    Group work - well delivered by Group 1
  • 5/17
    Turn of District Elder Venanacio Obama to deliver on Communication
  • 6/17
    Communication – a role play on ‘How to deliver’
  • 7/17
    District Evangelist Felix Kpegasin delivering the subject Overcoming Conflicts
  • 8/17
    Role play on How to overcome conflict
  • 9/17
    The work was difficult but the food was good
  • 10/17
    The smiles on their faces showed how prepared they were to continue with the seminar
  • 11/17
    A role play on conflict resolution
  • 12/17
    Another role play on resolving conflicts by the participants
  • 13/17
    Group work
  • 14/17
    District Elder Dinkerlacker supervising the work of Group 2
  • 15/17
    Role play with the famous ‘sister Obaja’ – Overcoming Conflict
  • 16/17
    Group picture of the entire crème de la crème National Heads of Seminars in West Africa
  • 17/17
    At the airport – Time for some participants to return to their countries

The second day, 23rd November 2019, of the seminar for the National Heads of Seminars in Accra was equally important and interesting.

After the opening prayer by Apostle Leno, participants were divided into three groups. Their task was a revision of the previous day's work (mourmel rounds).

Basic 2 was the next subject to be treated. The topics were also delivered by the remaining participants:

* Introduction to the Guideline (execution format 2020) - by District Elder Bidjang
* Requirements - by Apostle Leno
* Authority - by Priest Salvador
* Leadership Style - by Apostle Chi
* Delegating - by Apostle Zran
* Communication - by District Elder Venancio and
* Overcoming Conflicts - also by District Elder Kpegasin
Every presentation was accompanied with role plays.

The subject, “Overcoming Conflict”, took the central stage for the rest of the day.
The participants were taught some approach to deal with such conflicts. These included:
* To look at the problem and not the person;
* Being sympathetic with the persons involved;
* “Sorry” opens the door for reconciliation

The seminar ended late in the evening. Everyone gave the assurance of conveying the outcome and lessons of the 2-day seminar to their respective countries. This makes it basically clear that all the West African countries, for the first time, will conduct the same seminar subjects in the year 2020.
Apostle Ohene-Saffo closed the seminar with a prayer.

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