Minister 2 Trainers Seminar for Cape Coast Apostle Area

  • 1/8
    Group work involving the Chief Tutor
  • 2/8
    Group work discussion
  • 3/8
    Bishop Ampadu (retired) listens to group discussion
  • 4/8
    Role play – visit the sick
  • 5/8
    Role Play - Celebration of Holy Communion with sick member
  • 6/8
    Role play – Prenatal blessing
  • 7/8
    District Elder James Ezra Asuah delivering his assignment
  • 8/8
    Group picture of Trainers – Cape Coast Apostle Area

On 28th and 29th September 2018, Trainers in Cape Coast Apostle area, had a seminar on Minister 2, (Responsibilities and Tasks.)  The Chief Tutor was District Evangelist Birikorang Darko and his assistant District Elder James Ezra Asuah. Bishop Ampadu (retired) supervised the activities.

Contents of the seminar were;
- Pastoral care and Discussions,
- Visiting the sick and Work upon guests,
- Tasks of Deacons and Priests - Visiting the bereaved, Funeral Service etc.
Exercises, presentations and role plays were very well executed to indicate the participants’ understanding of the subjects.

The Trainers promised to execute all future seminars as soon as fund were provided.

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