Serving and Following Jesus

  • 1/19
    District Apostle Michael Ehrich
  • 2/19
    The Children’s choir performed at Schwäbisch Hall during the divine service
  • 3/19
    Apostle Benjamin Ohene-Saffo (right; Ghana-West Africa) with Apostle Kuhnle (Germany) as interpreter
  • 4/19
    The orchestra in performance during the divine service
  • 5/19
    Section of the invited Lead Apostles and Apostles at the divine service
  • 6/19
    At the KNUST Campus congregation (Kumasi Area), Shepherd Bernard Owusu viewed with members
  • 7/19
    In the Cape Coast congregation (Cape Coast Area), brothers and sisters participated in the divine service
  • 8/19
    District Evangelist Suguruman Laar (front left) led brothers and sisters at the Bolga congregation (Bolgatanga Area)
  • 9/19
    District Rector Samuel Brenyah joined 120 people at Kade (Nkawkaw Apostle Area) to watch the divine service
  • 10/19
    Priest Arthur led the congregation during the streaming at Tutuka congregation (Konongo Area)
  • 11/19
    Apostle Boakye (Nkawkaw Area) joined 114 members and ministers at the Nkawkaw Central church to connect to Schwäbisch Hall
  • 12/19
    182 brothers and sisters and ministers gathered at the Sunyani Central church to view the divine service
  • 13/19
    At Ho Volta-Central, 388 brothers and sisters watched the live streaming. Apostle Osei Senyo was present at the congregation.
  • 14/19
    Brothers and sisters led by Priest Damankah (far right) watched at the University of Ghana Legon campus congregation
  • 15/19
    Apostle Timothy Akubia (far right in front row) led over 260 members to join the service at the Hohoe congregation in the Volta-North Apostle area
  • 16/19
    Brothers and sisters at the Battor congregation (Volta South) watched the divine service
  • 17/19
    From left: District Elder Edward Enin and District Evangelist Augustus Adika Lavoe joined Rector Stephen Dodzie and 155 members at the Wiawso Central congregation (Wiawso Apostle Area)
  • 18/19
    Shepherd Tom and Priest Yesu together with some members of the Tarkwa Congregation watching the live telecast
  • 19/19
    Ministers and members of Essiama (Takoradi Apostle area) congregation enjoying the divine service

District Apostle Michael Ehrich shared the gospel on serving and following our Lord Jesus and the reward awaiting us, in a divine service conducted at the Schwäbisch Hall in Germany. The service was transmitted via internet to many congregations in the South-German District church across southern Germany, West Africa and Eastern Europe. There were also some invited Lead Apostles and Apostles from the District Church in attendance. This came off on 29th September 2019.

District Apostle Ehrich read a text word for the service from John 12: 26, ‘If any man serves Me, let him follow Me; and where I am, there My servant will be also. If anyone serves Me, him My Father will honour.’

Serving the Lord.
District Apostle Ehrich urged the congregation to serve the Lord in all humility. He encouraged all to serve the Lord by assisting in the propagation of the Gospel and the Apostles’ ministry; and this could be done in many ways such as helping the needy or dedicating ourselves to church activities.

He added that we can demonstrate our service to the Lord Jesus by contributing to the church and society with our gifts and talents. “If we love one another with the gifts we have received, then there will be divine atmosphere in the congregation. This service must also be evident in the society. We must always be prepared to serve.”

Following Jesus. “We want to serve the Lord and this is following Jesus” he added. “We should endeavour to grow in the nature of Christ”. He urged all to obey Jesus Christ’s teachings, live in accordance with the commandments and proclaim the Gospel. “To follow Jesus means to have strength, comfort, peace and joy in the Lord; these we can have if we submit our pleas in prayer to God and attend divine services.”

Our reward from God. The good news…Our sacrifices and dedication will be rewarded by the Heavenly Father, just as any faithful employer is paid his desired salary. The District Apostle added: “When you serve the Lord in all humility and in truthfulness, He will honour you for your service.” He added that the honour could come in many ways such as good health and riches, but above all an eternal fellowship with our Heavenly Father through the grace and salvation of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The District Apostle was assisted by Apostles Benjamin Ohene-Saffo (Ghana), Wolfgang Zenker and Volker Kühnle (both of Germany.

In Ghana, many congregations experienced this service between the hours of 8AM and 10AM.

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