Sharing Jesus and Our Faith: In Pictures and Words

  • 1/12
    Bishop Ampadu (rtd.) introducing the topic on pictures
  • 2/12
    The class attentively listening to Bishop Ampadu
  • 3/12
    Deacon Fred Quansah-Haylse Jnr (left) assisted the Bishop during the workshop
  • 4/12
    Participants taking note on lessons
  • 5/12
    Participants enjoying the ‘mosquito’ clap during the training
  • 6/12
    Members in Group 2 deliberating on how to approach a given task
  • 7/12
    Participants of Group 3 stop to take a moment for the camera
  • 8/12
    Shepherd Gottah and Sister Mary Nyorke, both of Group 3, reviewing the work of Group 2
  • 9/12
    Apostle Amos Osei-Du (right) thanking Bishop Ampadu for the training
  • 10/12
    Members of Group 1
  • 11/12
    Rich in reporters: All 26 participants from the 15 Apostle Areas with the Bishop Ampadu
  • 12/12
    Rich in editors: Bishop Ampadu (right) with assistant Deacon Fred Quansah-Haylse Jnr

Twenty-six (26) brothers and sisters, selected from all 15 Apostle Areas in Ghana, gathered in Kumasi for the second Editors’ and Reporters’ Workshop on 22nd June 2019. Bishop Eric Yaw Ampadu (retired), Deputy Head of Editors (Ghana & West Africa) facilitated the training, under the approval and support of the Lead Apostle Samuel Oppong-Brenya.

In an opening address via telephone call, the Lead Apostle thanked the gathering for their prompt response to the invitation and encouraged all to take up the work in love and good faith.

Bishop Ampadu and Deacon Quansah-Haylse thereafter delivered a very interactive two-way workshop between participants and facilitator, visually demonstrating real-case examples on each topic. The eager participants – a mix of ministers (both district leaders and congregational), choristers and members of the youth – were taken through eleven (11) topics to guide them in propagating the Gospel of our Lord Jesus through the reporting of faith-based activities in the various Apostle areas. The topics covered:

* Basis of all works in New Apostolic Church (NAC)
* Objectives & Principles of the NAC Editor and Reporter
* Sharing a clear message of the NAC faith
* Guidelines on reporting
* The ‘W’ questions ie. Who, what, when, where, why, which, how
* Setting the right headline for a report
* Pictures: A picture is worth a thousand words

The class was also divided into 3 groups to carry out practical exercises, followed by a peer-review of each group’s submission based on the lessons learnt. As a final individual test assignment, Bishop Ampadu tasked all participants to report on the following Sunday’s divine service at the Kumasi Central congregation.

At the end of the workshop, Apostle Amos Osei-Du (Kumasi Apostle Area) thanked the group for their devotion to this sacrificial call and urged them to cascade the training to their various Apostle Areas.

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