Youth Care – Train the trainer for Cape Coast Apostle area

  • 1/7
    Bishop Ampadu retired, explaining why seminars must be conducted and reported early
  • 2/7
    Presentation – reference to work sheet
  • 3/7
    Presentation by a participant
  • 4/7
    Group work discussion
  • 5/7
    Group work - discussion
  • 6/7
    Role play – Pastoral care for the youth
  • 7/7
    Role play – Rector commissions a deacon with youth work

On 27th and 28th of July 2018, Youth Care (Awakening Enthusiasm in Faith) was organised by the Chief Trainer, District Evangelist Birikorang Darko and his assistant District Elder Asuah at Cape Coast.

In attendance was Bishop Ampadu (retired) who supervised the activities.

Subjects treated were:
- The situation of young people
- Objective of youth care
- The youth leader
- Organisation of youth work
- Proposals for youth care etc.

Presentations, Exercises and role plays were very well executed to indicate the participants’ understanding of the subjects.

The trainers promised to execute all future seminars and report early.

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